Again this year, Ebb & Flow invites you to join one of our open choir workshops followed by public concerts.
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Ebb & Flow is a soulful pop trio, originally founded in Los Angeles, consisting of Gabby Gordon (vocals/keys), Ronen Gordon (drums/laptop), and Morten Kjær (vocals/keys). The Danish-American-Israeli band began working together in 2014. They have since toured on three continents and released two studio albums: "Neon Hearts" and "Edge Of The World".

“Magnificent. In every way.”
Brian Graden, MTV Executive, Brian Graden Media

“Ebb & Flow is easily becoming one of our brightest discoveries this year.”
LA Music Critic blog

“Ebb & Flow is a confident, wholesome, theatrical sounding act.”
Music Connection Magazine


Growing up, Gabby Gordon and her family lived in Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, Germany, and the US. Her unique life experience has inspired her love for music and her songwriting. Today, Gabby performs regularly at high-end venues in LA and does co-writes and recording sessions. On her latest solo album, she collaborated with the acclaimed Nashville producer Marshall Altman.


Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Ebb & Flow's drummer and producer Ronen Gordon is particularly active on the American prog rock scene where he tours with the bands LoFi Resistance and Sound of Contact. He is also a sought-after freelance session and live musician on the LA music scene as well as an award-winning drum instructor at the renowned Musicians' Institute in Hollywood.


Morten has had a multifaceted career as a vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and educator. He is a former member of the professional vocal groups Basix, Vocal Line, and M-Pact, and he is a known face on the European and American a cappella scenes. Morten also tours as a solo artist (in the past under the artist name ‘Kier’) and is regularly involved with theatre projects. www.mortenkjaer.dk

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Tour plan


Ebb & Flow will tour again in 2019.
For booking and inquiries, please contact us.
Track future Ebb & Flow shows on Bandsintown



3/2: Los Angeles, US
3/5: Copenhagen, DK
6/5: Copenhagen, DK
9/5: Snejbjerg, DK
11/5: Berlin, DE
12/5: Berlin, DE
13/5: Berlin, DE
15/5: Hannover, DE
17/5: Bonn, DE
18/5: Titz, DE
20/5: Leverkusen, DE

23/5: Niederursel, DE
26/5: Winsen, DE
27/5: Hamburg, DE
May 30/5: Aalborg, DK
31/5: Hinnerup, DK
1/6: Herning, DK
4/6: Hillerød, DK
5/6: Copenhagen, DK
7/6: Herning, DK
8/6: Ribe, DK
10/6: Rønde, DK

16/9: Vallensbæk, DK
17/9: Lejre, DK
19/9: Copenhagen, DK
20/9: Gifhorn, DE
22/9: Bornheim, DE
24/9: Niederursel, DE
25/9: Köln, DE
26/9: Bad Soden-Salm., DE
30/9: Kirchzarten, DE
2/10: Tübingen, DE

4/10: Zürich, CH
5/10: Ueberstorf, CH
6/10: Offenburg, DE
10/10: Darmstadt, DE
11/10: Rusbend, DE
12/10: Bantorf, DE
13/10: Hamburg, DE


30/4: Aarhus, DK
3/5: Berlin, DE
4/5: Berlin, DE
5/5: Berlin, DE
6/5: Berlin, DE
7/5: Berlin, DE
8/5: Berlin, DE
10/5: Schweinfurt, DE
11/5: Baden, CH
12/5: Untersiggenthal, CH
16/5: Thun, CH

17/5: Schallstadt, DE
18/5: Kirchzarten, DE
19/5: Offenburg, DE
20/5: Bad S-Salmünster, DE
21/5: Darmstadt, DE
22/5: Niederursel, DE
24/5: Sneek, NL
26/5: G. Overflakkee, NL
27/5: Bonn, DE
28/5: Titz, DE
30/5: Köln, DE

6/6: Hannover, DE
8/6: Lindh.-Ottensen, DE
9/6: Hamburg-Hoheluft, DE
10/6: Buxtehude, DE
11/6: Hamburg, DE
12/6: Kruså, DK
13/6: Laurbjerg, DK
14/6: Aalborg, DK
15/6: Copenhagen, DK
16/6: Roskilde, DK
17/6: Copenhagen, DK

18/6: Odense, DK
19/6: Gl. Rye, DK
20/6: Rønde, DK
22/6: Herning, DK
25/6: Amstrup, DK
28/6: Aarhus, DK
29/6: Asperup, DK
1/7: Melholt, DK
8/7: Copenhagen, DK
9/7: Copenhagen, DK


Journalist Heather Allen from "Music Connection" attended Ebb & Flow's February live show at The Hotel Cafe.

She obviously liked it:

"... Los Angeles indie pop/soul trio Ebb & Flow is not your average local act. Their latest album Edge of the World does a great job using their preferred musical elements and distinctive vocal personalities to shift between the band’s soft, tender side and their rambunctious, angsty side, which makes for a compelling dynamic. Soulful, seductive harmonies paired with trance-like keys and synthy percussion make it easy to get lost in the band’s music, while also understanding where the tracks’ lyrical themes originated. ... This funky trio showcases strong versatility in their work with the potential to appeal to a range of listeners and markets."

Read the full review HERE.

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Do you have a big house, great garden, or cozy barn? Or do you have connections to theaters, clubs, festivals, galleries, or other interesting locations that could create the framework for a special concert event with Ebb & Flow? Our band loves both the intimate spaces and the larger settings. Our goal is to give our listeners unique musical experiences, and we are accustomed to collaborating with hosts everywhere. Please send us an email, if you have an idea. We would love to hear from you!












choir events


Join us at one of our open choir workshops in Denmark or Germany this year!

28/4: AARHUS, DK - more info to come
12/5: GIFHORN, DE - more info to come
3/10: BONN, DE - more info to come



Vocal harmonies play a BIG role in both Ebb & Flow's live concerts and on our albums. Our passion for the human voice has resulted in the making of a a series of choral arrangements of songs from Ebb & Flow's repertoire. We use this material at workshops followed by public concerts in varies cities across Europe and the United States. Some of our arrangements have been collected in a songbook that is available in our post-show merchandise booth. The charts have five parts (SSATB) + solos.



Whether or not you are a member of an existing choir or vocal group, or you just like to sing in the car or shower, YOU are invited to join Ebb & Flow's workshop and concert in a city close to you. At this event, seasoned choral director Morten Kier will guide all participants through the vocal arrangements, and fellow band members Gabby and Ronen Gordon will intersect with vocal exercises, phrasing techniques, and rhythm grooves. We aim to create a space where everyone can sing, feel inspired, be challenged and make some musical friends. Material and audio files will be sent out in advance so that all singers have an opportunity to study the music at home or with their own choir leader beforehand. This will allow time to also do fun warm-ups and other “fun stuff” during the Ebb & Flow workshop. Ability to read music is not a requirement for participation, and everyone is welcome!


The Ebb & Flow concerts will sometimes take place immediately after the workshop and sometimes on a separate date. The show typically consists of two sets of 45 minutes, and twice, the workshop choir will be invited on stage to perform the prepared songs. The concerts are often open to the public, and tickets can be purchased online (ticket links are announced here on the site) as well as at the door.



Prices for participation in a workshop & concert is 25,- €, or 20,- €  for students / groups of 10 or more. When a workshop is offered, tickets can be purchased in the SHOP here on the site. Also, check out this VIDEO.

We look forward to making music with you!



“We had a wonderful time, and have learned so much.”
Vocalocity chorus group, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Thank YOU for the most amazing evening and for bringing the sunshine to our lives.”
Malene Martini M.D, Copenhagen, Denmark

We fell totally in LOVE with your music when we joined your workshop in Hamburg.”
Gesine Kaphengst, Hannover, Germany

“It was an honor and a joyful experience singing on stage with you, I loved every minute of it!!!“
Maria Therese Olesen, Ribe, Denmark

“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing musical talent with us over these past few days! Your form of audience engagement is unique to me, not just having us sing along, but purposefully giving us parts to sing throughout different songs. It enhanced the concert experience in a way I never knew. Then of course the choir arrangements add on seamlessly to that concept and I feel honored I got to sing with Unität on stage with you last night. As a drummer, I'd also especially like to tip my hat to Ronen. You effortlessly replace an entire virtual drum machine with your little acoustic set-up and lose not even a tiny bit of intensity or versatility on the way. Well done!“
Jeffrey Thomsen, Berlin, Germany

“I felt as if was in the middle of the music, surrounded by your songs. That gave me the biggest and longest goosebumps i ever had, Thank you for your music!“
Sven Trus, Berlin, Germany




... is Ebb & Flow's latest album, officially released in 2018.

The album has 9 tracks: "Polaroids", "+1", "Dancing (On The Grave Of My Dreams)", "Touchstone", "Behind Enemy Line", "Silver Tongue"; "Fury", "One-Track Mind", and "Edge Of The World". 

All songs were written and produced by Ebb & Flow and mixed + mastered by Christopher Given Harrison.

Listen to a small sample of the title track on the MEDIA page. 

cd neon hearts.jpg

Neon Hearts

... is Ebb & Flow's first album released in 2016.

It contains 9 tracks: "Neon Hearts", "Love In The Raw", "Second Skin", "Back To Start", "Power". "Only You", "Help Me Through The Night", "Smoke", and "No Pretender".

All songs were written by Ebb & Flow, and the tracks were recorded and produced in California by Ronen Gordon, Morten Kjær, and Christopher Given Harrison, who also mastered the album.

LISTEN to the songs and watch a LIVE VIDEO.



Listen to & purchase the music on ITUNES and SPOTIFY.