26/4: Chimi Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark - TICKETS & INFO
27/4: Viby Gymnasium & HF, Denmark - POSTPONED until 22/9!!
3/5: Hornslet, Denmark (private event)
4/5: Struer Musikskole, Denmark (incl. workshop) - TICKETS & INFO
6/5: Kedelhuset, Silkeborg, Denmark - TICKETS & INFO
7/5: Aalborghus Gymnasium, Aalborg, Denmark (feat. Zubeato) - TICKETS & INFO
10/5: Buxtehude, Germany - TICKETS & INFO
11/5: Hannover, Germany (private event)
12/5: KultBahnhof Gifhorn, Gifhorn, Germany (incl. workshop) - TICKETS & INFO
14/5: Dietzenbach, Germany - TICKETS & INFO
15/5: Kronberg, Germany (private event)
16/5: Café Mutz, Alt-Niederursel, Germany - TICKETS & INFO
18/5: Kulturwerkstatt Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (incl. workshop) - TICKETS & INFO
19/5: Porta Westfalica, Germany (private event)
20/5: Ricarda-Huch-Schule, Hannover, Germany (feat. Voice ‘n Performance) - TICKETS & INFO
21/5: Arpke (Hannover), Germany (private event)
24/5: [MA] Music Academy Berlin City Nord, Berlin, Germany - TICKETS & INFO
25/5: Berlin, Germany (private event)
28/5: Z1-Haus Berlin, Germany (feat. Arkona Forte) - TICKETS & INFO
2/6: Fredericia, Denmark (private event)
4/6: Djursland, Denmark (private event)
6/6: Rostved, Denmark (private event)
8/6: Harislee, Germany (private event)
9/6: Vester Vedsted Vingård, Vester Vedsted (by Ribe), Denmark - TICKETS & INFO


21/9: Metronomen, Frederiksberg, Denmark - TICKETS & INFO soon
22/9: Aarhus, Denmark (incl. workshop) - TICKETS & INFO
26/9: Skjern, Denmark (private event)
29/9: Hamburg, Germany (feat. Sing und Swing) - TICKETS & INFO soon
30/9: Hannover, Germany (private event)
10/2: Titz, Germany (private event)
3/10: Bonn, Germany (incl. workshop) - TICKETS & INFO
12/10: Kirchzarten, Germany (private event)
13/10: Darmstadt - TICKETS & INFO soon

Also track Ebb & Flow shows on Bandsintown …



Journalist Heather Allen from "Music Connection" attended Ebb & Flow's February live show at The Hotel Cafe.

She obviously liked it:

“… Los Angeles indie pop/soul trio Ebb & Flow is not your average local act. Their latest album Edge of the World does a great job using their preferred musical elements and distinctive vocal personalities to shift between the band’s soft, tender side and their rambunctious, angsty side, which makes for a compelling dynamic. Soulful, seductive harmonies paired with trance-like keys and synthy percussion make it easy to get lost in the band’s music, while also understanding where the tracks’ lyrical themes originated. ... This funky trio showcases strong versatility in their work with the potential to appeal to a range of listeners and markets ...”

Read the full review HERE.