What a tour!

 The three of us had a phenomenal time on our “Phase I Tour” this Spring.
Thank you to all of our hosts and audiences in the 24 cites we visited this year!


DIDN’T GET TO purchase the music?

Don’t worry! You can download all of our music here on the site.
Special deal: get all of our Ebb & Flow albums for DKK 250,- (€ 33,-) by using the promo code ‘3PACK’ at check-out.



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Ideas for a show?

Do you want to collaborate with Ebb & Flow on a future concert? Or do you have ideas to where we should perform in the future?

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email.
We speak German, English, Danish, Hebrew,
you name it …!




We had so much fun on the road this Spring, and we made sure to take a lot of both mental and physical pictures for you to enjoy …