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Ebb & Flow is a Los Angeles-based soulful pop trio consisting of Gabby Gordon (vocals/keys), Ronen Gordon (drums/laptop), and Morten Kier (vocals/keys). The Danish-American-Israeli band began working together in 2014. They have since toured on three continents, and, in 2016, Ebb & Flow's first album, "Neon Hearts", was released. The follow-up, "Edge Of The World", will be launched in early 2018.

In the Spring of 2018, Ebb & Flow will embark on yet another multi- country tour. Their upcoming “Oil and Water Tour” will contain a combination of the intimate concerts that their audiences have come to love and larger, public shows. where big community choruses will join the band on stage.

Ebb & Flow also loves the intimacy of small venues. On their 2016 “Neon Hearts Tour”, the vast majority of the concerts unfolded in cozy living rooms, lofts, and patios. But amongst the 50 show dates spread across Europe and Israel were also memorable visits at The National Museum of Copenhagen, a castle from the 1700s, an art gallery where painters immortalized the event on their canvases, and even a public swimming pool where a stage was built over the deep end.

Band members Gabby Gordon, Ronen Gordon, and Morten Kier take great pride in their musical project. They are known for their catchy songs, hypnotizing signature vocals, a groovy backbone of drums and percussion, lush synthesizers, heartfelt stories and playful stage banter, and, most importantly, an authentic connection with their audience. Often, the listeners become performers too when they are asked to sing along and even record sounds that are incorporated into the live show. Perhaps it is this special connection that has inspired private hosts all over the world to invite (and re-invite) the trio and thereby caused the rapid growth of fans across Europe, Israel, and the US.

Genre: soul/pop/r'n'b




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